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Du Jour

The Death of the Democrat Party

November 24, 2016

In the words of the B-52s, Democrats are "living in their own private Idaho."

A reporter recently asked Barack Obama if we'd ever see a Democratic president again.

Obama hedged, saying he thinks that "politics in America right now are a little bit up for grabs. That some of the old alignments in both parties, Democrat and Republican, are being reshaped."

The president went on to say that because Democrats won the popular vote, it's clear that the American people still favor them over Republicans.

He forgot to mention that Democrats have lost upwards of a thousand state legislature seats in the past four elections, giving Republicans control of governorships and both the House and Senate in two-thirds of the states in our country.

Add to that the fact that Republicans now control all three branches of the federal government and will be able to shape the Supreme Court for the next generation-plus, and you have the makings of a grass-roots revolution that casts the Democratic Party's very survival into serious doubt.

The Democrats' private Idaho is the result of their inability to see beyond their left-liberal ideology in order to realistically analyze what's going on around the country. Democrats continue to describe Republicans as sexist and misogynistic, even though that was called into question by the fact that Trump beat Clinton by more than ten points among white women voters.

The Democratic Party explains that by insisting that the white female vote shows how racist Republicans are . . . never mind that Hillary Clinton is a white woman.

Democrats' unwillingness to acknowledge the low African-American voter turnout and Blacks' willingness to vote Republican in larger numbers than they did in 2012 is another indicator of their ideology-induced blindness.

It's a sign that African-Americans are increasingly in favor of Trump fulfilling his promise of bringing safety and non-union-controlled education to America's inner cities.

Again, in contravention of what the election has revealed, it appears that the Democratic Party is moving in an increasingly radical direction as Islamist sympathizer Keith Ellison and committed leftists Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders share the political spotlight.

Finally, NPR's decision to no longer do live interviews with Republican and conservative figures looks to be an unconscious admission that the Democratic political agenda can't stand exposure to the light of political day.

In the real world, Idaho's four electoral votes went to Trump.

The question is not if Obama is going to be the last president the Democrats are able to elect.

Given their inability to escape from their own private Idaho, the real question is whether Democrats will be able even to maintain viability as a political party.


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