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The Rise of the Republican Traitors

It is clear to me that the bank-breaking budget that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell enabled to pass was an intentional effort on their part to help make sure that Democrats take back both the House and Senate this November in the mid-term elections and that the loss of both houses of Congress will make sure that Trump's presidency will effectively be over when he is impeached and possibly convicted.

Trump already faced overwhelming odds against his agenda, and his apparent ignorance of what was going on as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were allowed to commandeer the budget process meant that his ignorance may have dramatically increased the likelihood that he will be removed from office.

I believe that Trump will very likely face impeachment sometime after the election, and that at best his being impeached will complete the undermining of everything he has sought to accomplish, even if he stays in office.

At worst, if the impeachment vote goes against him and he is forced to leave office, the swamp will be able to ensconce a virulently non-aggressive Vice President in the highest office in the land.

In that case, the deep state's aim of regaining control of American politics will make certain that America's downfall is accomplished.

The evidence of collusion is glaring: Both Ryan and McConnell have consistently shown their disdain for Trump and his agenda, and both Ryan and McConnell are beholden to deep-state power brokers and subversives who are also against Trump's nationalism.

Ryan is not running again, and McConnell, although he will be staying, is much more attuned to the left's political positions than he is to a Nationalist agenda.
From no-borders globalism to "damn the debt, let it happen," McConnell is subservient to anti-American forces he is unwilling and therefore unable to challenge.

Along with the subversive political leadership, both Democrats and a significant percentage of Republicans now share a virtually identical anti-Trump agenda.
Put another way, the differences between Republicans and Democrats are rapidly disappearing as both now lean heavily toward a seditious globalist lack of principle, and both support an economic agenda that, thanks to Ryan and McConnell, has dramatically increased the likelihood that the rapidly approaching U.S bankruptcy will come to pass.

I am sure that Trump, political naïf that he remains to this day, was kept in the dark as the budget was developed, and by the time he woke up and realized that Ryan and McConnell had given the Dems everything they wanted, it was too late to do anything but put out a mealy-mouthed tweet that he was thinking about vetoing the bill.

In his speech accepting defeat, as Trump tried to gloss over the midnight monetary massacre that he had suffered, the president excused himself by asserting that he had given in to the enemy on everything he had campaigned for and everything that voters elected him to accomplish in order to get the money to begin rebuilding the military.

I have no doubt that Ryan's and McConnell's purpose in passing the budget bill they did was to make sure that Republicans lose control of both the House and the Senate in the mid-term elections so that Trump will face overwhelming odds against him.

Trump faces an even more daunting challenge than he had before the catastrophic loss he has suffered, and it will take some serious political miracle-making in order for him to regain the control that he just gave up to the swamp.

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