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Trump vs. Ryan and the Deep Swamp

March 27, 2017

The deep swamp is the murky habitat of members of the Democrat party, elite globalists, political operatives embedded in the bowels of U.S. government agencies, and supporters and perpetrators of terrorist acts. Paul Ryan has recently emerged as one of the go-to guys the deep swamp depends on to lead its charge.

Under a picture of Ryan with an I-told-you-so smirk on his face — likely there because he had undermined and eventually torpedoed Trump’s healthcare legislation — the house speaker is quoted in a Breitbart article as saying that his inability to pass ACHA “does make tax reform more difficult.”

We can only hope that the Trump administration soon comes to understand that Paul Ryan plans to sabotage tax reform in the same way he did healthcare legislation.

It’s not necessarily that Ryan is terminally stupid, though he often seems to be living in an IQ-limited bubble, given his apparent inability to understand how to craft a readable bill.

But even given that he’s a political dunce, his seeming ineptitude goes much deeper than mere lack of intelligence: Ryan purposely crafted ACHA to be the equivalent of Obamacare II in order to sustain federal control over the U.S. health insurance industry and continue his promotion of the deep-swamp globalist agenda.

Like all globalists, Ryan wants nothing less than to micro-manage every aspect of the lives of non-elite citizens, not only in the United States, but around the world., and he will do everything in his power to subvert the President’s nationalism.

Indeed, the only meaningful way to distinguish one politician from another today is to figure out whether he or she is a Globalist or a Nationalist. When we understand politicians in that way, it becomes clearer why those who declare themselves members of the two U.S. political parties no longer represent specific principles and values as they once did.

While it might have been difficult to recognize that four years ago when he was running for Vice President, Ryan’s time as the Speaker of the House has made it clear that there is no corrupt policy he won’t support, no true conservative value he won’t denounce in order to do the bidding of the globalists who have him in their collective hip pocket.

Looking back, given how effective Obama had been in advancing the globalist agenda during his first four years in office, it is not out of the question that after Mitt Romney had trounced Obama in their first debate during the 2012 campaign, Romney and Ryan were told behind the scenes by their globalist handlers to take their collective foot off the gas and let Barack Obama win a second term.

When Trump correctly and justifiably called out Hispanic activist Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who refused to recuse himself in a case against Trump University during the last campaign, Ryan did not mince words: “Claiming a person can’t do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

Ryan failed to acknowledge that it was Curiel who was the racist; he belongs to La Raza — Spanish for “the race.” La Raza members reject the idea that Hispanics should assimilate into American society and instead support “reconquista,” taking back “the land of their birth” by reclaiming Colorado, California, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona as their race’s homeland.

It’s hardly a wonder that a La Raza judge would be unable to fairly decide on a case that involved a U.S. presidential candidate who has promised to build a wall along the Mexico-U.S. border in order to keep Hispanic aliens from entering the country illegally.

And it’s really not a surprise that a no-borders globalist like Ryan would support a racist judge who argues in favor of eliminating the U.S.-Mexico borderline. Globalism’s key tactic is to shame, denigrate, and de-legitimize anyone bold enough to speak a truth that globalists don’t want the public to hear.

Trump was the only true nationalist presidential candidate for decades, and he is discovering the deep swamp that hides the Globalist-Democrat-Islamist perpetrators of policies designed to submerge any attempt to restore what America stands for.

And if you question lumping radical Islamist terrorism in with globalists and Democrats, here’s how one commentator explained their shared goals: “Globalism and Islamism have a lot in common, and so they’ve decided to unite in an unholy alliance to war against our national sovereignty and against Western civilization and the values that we hold dear that undergird our society.”

The President needs to learn a critical lesson: If Ryan remains Speaker of the House, he will continue his traitorous campaign against the Trump restoration of America. If Trump has not learned this lesson, and if the Republican Party does not remove Ryan from his office, America will continue to sink into the slime of the deep swamp. It’s much denser and more dangerous than the deep state.


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