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The Degeneracy of the Democrat-Left Agenda

Commentary by Greg Lewis / TheRant.US
November 17, 2005

A lot of things that are going on at this time are, for want of a better descriptor, simply unbelievable.

It's unbelievable, for instance, that the Democrat party has been able to continue to promote a patently false and unsupportable version of the events that led up to America's commitment to invade Iraq, and that their version of those events should have gained even a modicum of credence in the news media responsible for presenting to the American people what's happening in the world.

To say that the organizations which are charged with presenting to American readers and viewers at least verifiable and confirmable factual descriptions of the events they deal with have abrogated their journalistic responsibility in favor of skewing the "news" they put forth in such a way that it supports an agenda based on the hatred of traditional conservative values and those who represent and would promulgate those values is an understatement.

So virulent is the left's hatred of George W. Bush and the values he represents that it has contaminated virtually every venue that might otherwise be dedicated to the vital and legitimate exchange of political ideas. This irrational abhorrence of Bush and his Presidency can be likened to what happens when you hold a cross up to a vampire who is stalking you. The symbol of Christian love and rectitude is abhorrent to a vampire; the positive Christian and democratic values the Bush Presidency represents are abhorrent to the Democrat Party and the ACLU and and any number of other morally and spiritually bereft forces, including many mainstream news media.

These agents of degeneracy conspire — through the positive agendas they oppose and through their support of a warmed-over and re-presented communist/socialist agenda dedicated to the imposition of their political will on the American people through the unchecked increase in the power of the Federal Government — to enslave the American people to a leftist ideology that would dictate to all of us how we must think and behave, that would force us to make choices inconsistent with the positive values that inform our lives.

To put it directly: I don't want my and my children's health care opportunities to be limited by what some leftist bureaucrat deems is appropriate. Nor do I want my children's or grandchildren's educational opportunities to be limited to attending schools that the federal government has dictated are "politically acceptable."

School choice is abhorrent to Democrats and liberal leftists precisely because it weakens their ability to impose their worldview on America's young children. The degree to which we, as individual citizens, can choose which schools our children attend is precisely the degree to which we are asserting our autonomy over our own and our children's lives. Which is another way of saying that we're tired of having a minority of arrogant, self-righteous leftists telling us what we should and should not believe, how we should or should not raise and educate our children.

It's no longer acceptable, despite a California court's ruling to the contrary, that we have no voice in the educational content to which our children are exposed in the "public" schools. Public schools, indeed! The federal school system in America has strayed so far from being a representation of what the American public values, of what Americans want their children to be taught, that it's borderline criminal.

Through what I would describe as a kind of creeping, nefarious liberalism, which has insinuated itself gradually, although ineluctably, into the fabric of the American educational system over the past half century, the left has commandeered the very educational process which our children undergo. From Kindergarten through Graduate School, it's almost impossible for our children to avoid being inculcated with, not to say beaten over the head with, liberal/leftist cant.

From sentimental environmentalism, which plays upon, to cite one example, the often inaccurately represented plight of "endangered species" through presenting their babies as threatened with extinction, to the rather more direct presentation of "cultural diversity" as something desirable in America, the left has managed to insinuate its insidious agenda into the very fabric of American life, which is to say, into America's educational system.

The bottom line is that this leftist agenda is devoted to nothing less than destroying the American way of life as we know it. The Left cannot put forth a positive, value-based political agenda, and so it is reduced to attacking the very positive values on which America's unparalleled success as a nation founded on uplifting Christian principles has been achieved.

Whether they're trying to impose a lockstep leftist agenda on American youth through opposing educational choice, or trying to suppress the celebration of Christmas in a nation 84 percent of whose citizens identify themselves as Christian, the Democrat left is fighting a losing battle.

Indeed, trying to suppress the human spirit — trying impose to a godless and negative ideology upon a citizenry that knows in its heart that the human spirit, the acknowledgment of individual human creativity, is the one and only thing upon which a true national identity can be built — must finally be fruitless.

It's not enough for leftist educational and political demagogues to harangue Americans, telling them, directly or indirectly, that what they know and believe in their hearts counts for nothing, that they should give up what they know to be true and let the enlightened leftist-Democrats make all of their life decisions for them.

Americans are overwhelmingly coming to understand precisely the negative foundation on which the Democratic left's "program" for America is based. Which is to say that the Democrat agenda is increasingly being revealed for what it is: A negative, attack-based ideology that has no basis in positive values but which seeks only to destroy all that is positive in American life for the purpose of enshrining an all-powerful leftist government in our country.

This leftist agenda must be identified and fought against at every level as a political struggle between the positive values espoused by conservatives pitted against the negative, valueless agenda proposed on the left.


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