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Conservatives v. the Liberal Undead

Commentary by Greg Lewis / TheRant.US
November 27, 2005

Over the past decade plus, the conservative point-of-view has gradually gained greater and greater exposure and credence, along with a larger and larger audience, through the ascendancy of the unruly and wonderfully decentralized and unmanageable venues of talk radio and the internet. During this time, many people, who had for so long cast about in darkness because the political and spiritual views they held found no voice in the mainstream media gradually discovered that there were others — lots of others — out there who shared their views.

Discovering that you weren't alone in holding your conservative views must have been something like waking up in the middle of the night and discovering that you were surrounded by vampires. At the same time, though, you also realized that help was on the way and the vampires weren't going to suck everyone's blood, even if it sometimes seemed that way.

For, indeed, if the Left can be characterized in any way at all, it is as the 'liberal undead,' as a somewhat loosely organized group of political vampires who share a philosophy that is anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, anti-religion, anti-the human spirit, pretty much all the negatives the vampires I'm acquainted with hold dear.

For conservatives, the act of discovering over time the disturbing truth that the liberal undead had insinuated themselves in positions of power in our educational system and in the print and broadcast media through which most Americans received most of their information about public events and policy was at best unnerving. Indeed, you get a sense of what Kevin McCarthy's character, Dr. Miles J. Bennell, must have felt in the 1956 horror film classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Like McCarthy's Dr. Bennell when he finally realized the horrific implications of what the body-snatchers were trying to accomplish, conservatives have steeled their resolve against and have refused to capitulate to those who would desecrate what America stands for.

The good news is that discovering that there is indeed an antidote to the infestation of the liberal undead, that the very media through which we had become aware that 'they' were among us are the agents of the Left's undoing will ultimately prove to be liberating.

Having awakened from what has been a 40-year bad dream to discover that the liberal undead had usurped many of America's fundamental institutions, the American people have mounted their defense, and that defense has taken the shape of what can be called 'the Heartland Constituency.' The Heartland Constituency is made up of the majority of Americans who realize that the political positions presented by the liberal undead (read, in this case, 'liberal Democrats') are not only counter to their own fundamental values, they are detrimental to, not to say destructive of, America's attempts to confront terrorism and eliminate it as a concern for freedom-loving people around the world.

Make no mistake: Many Americans, liberal, centrist, and conservative, fail to grasp the immediacy, the importance to the survival of our and western civilization's future, of confronting the liberal hegemony over the public dispersement of ideas. These ideas have their roots in Marxist thought which gained ascendancy in America through the writings of such 1960s campus icons as Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm. Indeed, the very method of the Left's assault continues to be based upon an approach to debate called "Critical Theory of Society," developed in a Marxist think-tank in Frankfurt, Germany, during the 1920s. Erich Fromm cut his Marxist teeth as a member of this school.

The approach dictates that one must always criticize, denigrate, and tear down the ideas of one's adversaries, but one must never propose constructive alternatives to what one seeks to destroy. We have only to look at the recent assault by the Democrat triumvirate, Reid, Kennedy, and Pelosi, on America's rationale for waging war in Iraq to realize that, not only are those on the Left committed to destructive activity, they are not above resorting to using blatant falsehoods as the foundation of their assault.

Marxism is dead, yet it refuses to die. It is kept alive in this country by the Liberal Undead, political vampires who cling to a philosophy that carries on the unholy traditions of the communists of the last century.

It is my contention that conservatives, who support all of the positive values on which America was built and continues to thrive, will soon have a second awakening. This awakening will build on the growing awareness of the past decade that there are indeed political vampires among us. This one will be the foundation of a renewed commitment to carry through on the promise of political conservatism as it has been articulated and accepted so well since Ronald Reagan's Presidency. This one will be the silver bullet to the heart of the liberal undead and their destructive agenda.


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