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Political Writings 2006

Dem and Demmer: A Lesson in Liberal Economics
If we had any questions about Democrats' easing up on their anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-capitalism legislative agenda, they were answered when Nancy Pelosi went to the mat for her hard-left homeboy, John Murtha (D-PA).

Assessing the Electoral Aftermath
With friends like those who have expressed their approval of the Democrats' resounding electoral victory last week, does America need enemies?

Jon Carry and Democrats' Contract on America
Jon Carry's recent remark (in using this spelling of the Senator's name, I'm following the lead of American soldiers far more intelligent and better educated than Carry himself) that if "you don't study, if you aren't smart, if you're intellectually lazy . . . [y]ou end up getting stuck in Iraq" certainly has constituted much-needed respite for Republicans in the relentless Democrat anti-Bush onslaught that has characterized the Left's campaign strategy this fall.

Welcome to Phoenix
I recently passed through the Phoenix Airport en route to another destination in the United States (Chicago, if you must know ), and the experience my traveling companion and I shared will I hope prove instructive with regard to why we can't let the goddam lefty-liberals take over even the House of Representatives in the upcoming mid-term elections, let alone the House and the Senate.

Ex-Foley-ation and Other Campaign Issues
What do President Bush, former Representative Mark Foley, and Michael J. Fox have in common? All three have commandeered one or more news cycles in the past ten days, and each one's headline-grabbing has incrementally benefited Republicans, although only President Bush, with his strong performance during an October 25 presser, did so intentionally.

The Death Throes of Islam
The increasingly cataclysmic events of the past decade, characterized especially by the escalation of threats and violent acts by Muslim extremists against western insitutions and other Muslims, signal not so much a struggle between western civilization and the religion of Islam, as they do the death throes of the religion of Islam itself.

Katrina's Negative Effect on Dems' Campaign Strategy
Only four or five months ago, Democrats were unabashedly crowing over their impending takeover of the House of Representatives.

The War, the Times, and Sinking Democrat Prospects
Reading The New York Times is a lot like buying a watch on the corner of 42nd Street: That's not a real Rolex, and that's not real journalism.

Compare Iraq to Vietnam? Bet to It!
It was leftist communist sympathizers, including Democrats and newscasters and political wanna-bes such as John Kerry, who managed to frame the debate more than 30 years ago. And they're attempting to frame the debate on Iraq in the same terms today.

Feminism and Sexual Depersonalization
One of the rallying points for feminists during the 1960s and '70s was that women had become, thanks to the emerging popular culture of the era, "sex objects."

Reframing the Issue of Global Warming
As blatant an example of advocacy journalism as Time Magazine's recent piece on global warming was, perhaps more important is the fact that its arrant elevation of pseudo-science as the basis for political policy is but the latest in a century-old highjacking of scientific theory for political purposes.

The Marxist Roots of Democrat Obstructionism
The bottom line is that, no matter how we might characterize it, Congressional Democrats’ blatant use of obstructionist tactics — the very ones that cost Tom Daschle his job — represents a contemporary manifestation of early theorizing by hardcore communist thinkers.

"It's Go-Time!"
One of the most trenchant comments I've heard about the state of affairs in the Middle East (and I'm sorry I can't identify who spoke these words) is this: "If Arabs laid down their weapons, there would be peace; if Israelis laid down their weapons, there would be genocide."

The Democrat Insurgency
Democrats' response to being muscled from power by legitimate political and electoral means has been remarkably similar to the response of the Islamists who were unseated by the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The End of Cowgirl Diplomacy
Ann Coulter was once heard to remark that "There are no liberal men, only big hairy liberal women." That's one possible explanation for why Democrats, during the 1990s, exercised what might well be called Cowgirl Diplomacy.

Sean Penn's Pool Boy
Well, hell, the "issues" just keep coming at us, often so fast (they tend to have half-lives defined by the number of 24-hour news cycles during which they're able able to command headline attention) as to disappear from view before they've been able to be fully deliberated in the media.

Will Katie Couric Have the Last Laugh?
It's just a rumor, but I have it from reliable sources that CBS is going to add a laugh track to the evening news when Katie Couric takes over.

Reframing the Issue of Global Warming
You're no doubt aware of the recent foray by Time Magazine into the global warming wars. As blatant an example of advocacy journalism as the Time piece was, perhaps more important is the fact that its arrant elevation of pseudo-science as the basis for political policy is but the latest in a century-old highjacking of scientific theory for political purposes.

The War, the Times, and Sinking Democrat Prospects
Reading The New York Times is a lot like buying a watch on the corner of 42nd Street: That's not a real Rolex, and that's not real journalism.

Until recently, a cow's mental capacity had been thought to be significantly lower than a human's. That was until our federal legislators, acting the part of a herd of cattle to perfection, spooked and went on a stampede of their own over the Dubai Ports World business deal.

What Did Chuck Schumer Know and When Did He Know It?
I’d like to discuss the so-called “Spotted Owl” federal legislation of 1996, when Senator Schumer was Congressman Schumer. And I’d like to pose the following question: Did Chuck Schumer knowingly lie about the probable fate of the Spotted Owl in order to get a piece of legislation passed?

Desperate Housewives, Desperate Dems
I'd like to propose that a reality television producer has insinuated several "reality TV characters," in the person of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy, and Chuck Schumer, into, well, "reality." The Democrat equivalent of the Fab Four are not, in fact, representatives elected to national office, but are rather "characters" some over-the-top ingenious TV producer has managed to insert into the political scene as it is captured and rebroadcast electronically.

Don't Ask, Don't Bend Over In the Shower
Initially presented by the left as a bold and sweeping attempt to "reform" America's armed services by requiring them to ignore the sexual orientation of their recruits (as well as the soldiers, sailors, marines, and national guardsmen already enlisted), Clinton's don't-ask-don't-tell policy degenerated into one which, finally, became a mockery of the supposedly well-intentioned impulse from which it sprung.

The Case of the Disappearing Spotted Owl: An Object Lesson in Left/Liberal Politics
As Democrats continue to hemorrhage power and political leverage, it's becoming more and more obvious that at the root of their precipitous decline is the fact that, while they are fond of trotting out their "principles" and "convictions" in support of selected political positions, they hang onto these principles only so long as they support the ends they're trying to achieve. Take, for example, their commitment to the arguably incompatible principles of the theory of evolution and the need to save endangered species.

Can You "Diggs" It?
The mainstream media were quick to find favor with United States District Circuit Court Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's ruling that so-called warrantless federal wiretapping in the service of combatting terrorism is unconstitutional.

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