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The Left Goes In the Tank For Its Political Agenda

Commentary by Greg Lewis / NewMediaJournal.US
July 9
, 2007

Well, you certainly can't tell the players without a scorecard these days, politically speaking, at least. That goes double for important legislative concerns.

To hear the Democrat-controlled congress tell it - the same Congress which, you'll recall, had promised us speedy action on significant legislation via their 100-hour-what-the-hell-let's-just-forego-debate-and-ram-this-down-everybody's-throat plan - what truly matters are such issues as these: "How can we impeach Vice President Cheney?" and "How can we breach the wall of executive privilege Bush uses to deny us the opportunity to question his inner-circle aides and create another Scooter Libby event, where even in the absence of criminal activity we can persecute innocent people on the grounds that they 'lied under oath' (translation: 'failed to recall precisely what they'd said in some unimportant conversation several years ago')."

If history remembers this Congress at all accurately, it will remember it as a bunch of Democrats who immediately lost sight of their legislative agenda and sank into a morass of politically motivated infighting. Hell, among other things, this Congress has now decided that they've got to once again find a way to try to usurp the President's constitutionally granted power to oversee the military in his role as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. They're about to follow the legislative debacle that has already resulted in their failure to enact even remotely meaningful legislation limiting the President's war powers with, well, more of the same.
To add insult to injury, Al Gore, the Sasquatch of the carbon footprint, has got the left - and by extension most Democrats - convinced that global warming is, in his words, "the most critical issue that faces our world today."

For openers, Gore and his hysterical global-warming cohorts, are predicting disaster, this in the absence of any legitimate data that demonstrates that global temps are rising because of human activity, if they are rising at all. The rest of the world is starting to catch up to the ruse, as witness the increasing number of scientists who are now taking issue with Gore's data and his conclusions as they begin to comprehend the implications of the hoax Gore is attempting to perpetrate.
Add to that the fact that the global-warming-spells-doomsday crowd have also neglected to provide any legitimate evidence whatsoever that even if temps do rise a degree or so over the next century (disregard the double-digit increases Gore's cohorts' flawed and shamefully inaccurate computer models predict), it will not result in any significant changes to our "lifestyles" (sorry for using such a liberal-freeny word).

Indeed, if he has his uninformed way, Al Gore stands to go down in history as the 21st-century counterpart of T. D. Lysenko, the early 20th-century Russian "scientist" whose incorrect ideas about genetics became the foundation of Soviet agriculture policy that resulted in the deaths of as many as ten million Russian and Ukrainian peasants, who starved because of crop failures resulting from the application of Lysenko's ideas.

Problem is, if Gore's propaganda (and it has even less scientific validity than did Lysenko's) has any significant influence at all on U.S. and international climate policy, the number of victims of the resulting global warming mandates stands to be exponentially higher than that created by the application of Lysenko's equally absurd and unfounded "science." When the leftist agenda commandeers science in the service of implementing its agenda, all hell breaks loose, and the people pay.

Of course, the gradual public crumbling of confidence in the "scientific" base for the leftist-Democrats' political agenda - due to its being exposed to ever greater and more indefensible exposure to the American public - does not stop with global warming. Indeed, the troop surge in Iraq, while the mainstream media will do everything in their power to convince you otherwise, is not going all that badly. One of the reasons Democrats are once again pushing so frantically to introduce and pass legislation that mandates a specific timetable for American troop withdrawal from Iraq is their fear that, by the time General Petraeus delivers his report to the American people in September, he might actually have measurable good news to present.

Good news about such things as the inroads we've made in keeping Islamist terrorists at bay from attacking the United States and in our gradually managing to subdue al Qaeda's ability to compromise security in Iraq through their continued terrorist attacks is anathema to the American Left, er, I mean the Democrats.
Reliable military intelligence estimates that as much as 80% of the terrorist violence in Iraq is now perpetrated, not by Iraqi sectarian militants, but by al Qaeda and other groups sympathetic to al Qaeda, with significant support from Iran. That's pretty much why we don't hear about it. To say that the "mainstream media" has a leftist bent is tantamount to saying Helen Keller had trouble seeing the blackboard from the back of the room.

My sense is that the "issue" of global warming is also losing some of its punch, indeed, is turning against the left. The good guys are actually fighting back, providing refutations based on legitimate scientific evidence that the climate change we may be experiencing is largely caused by forces, including cycles of sunspot activity, that are natural and historically confirmable and distinctly without our control. In addition, the basis of the leftist-environmentalists' arguments in favor of "global warming" - highly suspect computer models which produce inaccurate, not to say unusable, "predictions" about future climate change - are beginning to be seen for what they are: a 20th-century version of the king's new clothes.

Like those of their historical predecessors, the current iteration of the left's ill-founded policy rationales, both on the War in Iraq and on Global Warming, find legitimacy only when legitimate evidence is suppressed and in its place is presented what amounts to nothing less than hysterical lies designed to confuse the public in order to promote a leftist political agenda. We must never cease to counter the incessant barrage of pseudo-science and political untruth that emanates from the political left in America with legitimate, fact-based rebuttals that enable us to develop sound policies based on confirmable evidence.


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