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Out of the Mouths of Democrats

Commentary by Greg Lewis / NewMediaJournal.US
September 13
, 2007

Like the babes of the original quote paraphrased above, Democrats seem to be totally innocent of the implications of their rhetoric. Unlike those same babes, however, the truth that emerges from Dems' mouths rather reflects the emptiness of their positions than some sort of legitimate information about how the world works.

It's gotten so bad that honorary Democrat Osama bin Laden, in a video released last week, actually chastised his fellow Democratic Party members for not ending U.S. involvement in Iraq. Like other Dems, Osama rambled almost incoherently about all kinds of "issues" during his monologue. But then, just when you thought the Democrats' loose affiliation with Osama and al Qaeda was going to pay dividends, bin Laden released another tape in which he vowed to strike the United States from "left and right and north and south," apparently not realizing that Democrats were already doing that.

And as if that weren't enough, as most of America now knows,, in an ill-advised advertisement in the New York Times, called General David Petraeus "General Betray Us." My interpretation of this message is that Petraeus has not capitulated to the enemy and thrown in the towel in Iraq, and so he's betraying the Democrats who are urging him to do so. If it did nothing else, MoveOn's ad almost literally sucked the air out of the room for Dems as they attempted to browbeat General Petraeus.

That, of course, didn't stop Harry Reid, Illinois Democratic Representative Rahm Emanuel, and Dianne Feinstein as they echoed the talking point that General Petraeus is a liar, a shill for the administration's policies and positions. Reid asserted that Petraeus "has made a number of statements over the years that have not proven to be factual." The Nevada Democrat went on to say that he had "every belief that this good man will give us what he feels is the right thing to do in his report, but it's not his report any more. It's Bush's report."

Rahm Emanuel was not far behind, accusing the Bush administration of "cherry-picking the data to support their political objectives and preparing a report that will offer another defense of the president's strategy." And Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin added that, "[e]ven if the figures are right" about progress on the battlefield, "the conclusions are wrong."

The important thing to note is that, like the ill-advised ad, all of these statements were made before Petraeus had uttered so much as a single word in the hearing. During that hearing, by the way, Petraeus quietly made mincemeat out of his Dem detractors. He was calm and unruffled, and he simply listened politely as Democrats attempted for all they were worth to vilify him and the American military, then responded with facts and legitimate fact-based assessments of the situation in Iraq.

And what of their responses to the scurrilous ad: In this case, out of the mouths of Dems came mostly silence. The aforementioned Dick Durbin did admit that he thought the ad might be "a little over the top," but aside from that, the Dems' denunciations of the ad have not even risen to the level of tepid. Indeed, so beholden are they to that they really dare not voice their opposition, assuming they are in fact critical of the ad. That in itself is, of course, a stretch, so committed are Democrats to our "losing" the war in Iraq and withdrawing, as we did in Vietnam.

Most of the Democrats in fact were relieved that they had to do their dirty work, and they said so, much to the consternation of the radical leftist fundraising juggernaut. Although the expression of this sentiment warranted not much more than a mild dressing down from, the fact that that organization is unhappy with rank and file Dems' unwillingness to more vigorously and effectively stand up and be counted among those favoring total surrender is but one more indicator of how low the Democratic Party is stooping in order to live down to its anti-American ideals.

It would seem, indeed, that the American public has got to be catching on to who they've actually elected as the majority party in the House and Senate. Assuming that's the case, we can look forward to what is likely to come out of the mouths of voters next September, since it's got to be a resounding repudiation of the electoral mistake they made a year ago.


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