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The Company He Keeps

May 7, 2008

What do terrorist bomber and University of Chicago professor William Ayers, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Nicaraguan Communist President Daniel Ortega, radical black activist Louis Farrakhan, and former President James Earl "Jummah" Carter have in common? They all represent a virulently anti-American, anti-democracy agenda, and they all support Barack Obama's candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.

Oh, and Barack Obama can't seem to bring himself to terminate his "friendly" relationships with them. (I know Jummah hasn't formally declared his support for Obama, but do you think Carter will pass up a chance to try to help the friend of an Israel-hater like Reverend Wright get the job he once held? Hell, Carter himself is on a mission to help radical Islamists drive Israel into the sea, and you can bet he sees in Obama a successor worthy of his odious task.)

The gradual accretion of names to this list of enemies of the United States with whom Obama is friendly is part of the painfully slow and sporadic process of Obama's being "vetted," although it's not proceeding as most of us would have hoped. If I had my 'druthers, and if American journalists had even a speck of integrity left, the vetting would have been over weeks, if not months, ago, because no journalist in his or her right mind would countenance this thug in elitist's clothing for more than a short time after the pattern of his associations had begun to become clear. The problem is that most American journalists are not in their right minds, but in their Wright minds. The good news is, though, that Obama was effectively skewered in Wednesday evening's debate against Hillary Clinton, with all of his radical associations "coming home to roost" and to make him noticeably uncomfortable.

One of those associations, with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, brought Obama under extended pressure. It's hardly a surprise that Reverend Wright's targets in his latest ugly tirade were legitimate journalists. He mentioned specifically Fox News and Sean Hannity, both of whom have come early and stayed late in their exposure of Wright's message of hate. And they've wondered aloud why Obama hasn't distanced himself from Wright, even going so far as to intimate that his continuing embrace of his pastor might mean that Obama actually agrees with Wright's message. Exposing the truth is apparently grounds for attack by Obama supporters; it should be an occasion for rejoicing by American voters. It's all part of the vetting process.

Obama's been dropping hints about his true colors along the crooked path he's trod since he surfaced as a serious candidate months ago. Among the things he said in his attempts to dodge the debris from the exposure of Wright's invective-laden sermons, many of which Obama had to have been present for, was "It sounds to me like he was trying to be provocative." Now that's what I call "praising with faint damn."

And if you had any doubt that Barack Obama was cut from elitist cloth, his statements about the Pennsylvania electorate - and by extension a significant portion of the national electorate - should put that notion to rest. As most people who are not blindered by receiving all of their news from the mainstream media know, Obama uttered the following derisive assessment of many Americans' relationship to God, guns, unchecked immigration, and free trade: After losing their jobs, Obama intoned to a group of wealthy donors in a private San Francisco meeting, Americans "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment."

I recognize these words as reflecting a deeper agenda, an anti-Christian, anti-individual rights program, an arrogant insularity that smacks of what hard-line leftists believe and in the service of which they perpetrated innumerable atrocities against the Christian church and against the people they were charged with governing during their murderous heyday in the early and mid-20th century. I have no doubt whatsoever that Obama is in deep accord with this agenda, although that only surfaces when he lets his guard down, as he did in the aforementioned cozy meeting with San Francisco's liberal elite.

Barack Obama, while we can't quite go so far as to call him a traitor, is a far-left radical at heart, a person who seeks nothing less than the inversion of the positive values on which the United States rose to greatness and the diminution of our nation's status in the world. Obama is everything this nation's enemies have always dreamed of in an American President, and if he should manage to exude enough obfuscatory slime to somehow slide through to the presidency, the words "slippery slope" won't begin to touch what we're in store for. Last night's debate was, belatedly, a chance for the American electorate to see Obama squirm under the kind of pressure that will, hopefully, insure that his candidacy dies a deserved death.


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