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Methinks the 'Fraidy Doth Protest Too Much

May 28, 2008

The rapid and boisterously defensive response by Democrats over President Bush's "appeasement" remarks about events that occurred nearly 70 years ago is very telling in and of itself. But when you couple it with other Democrat legislative and policy initiatives it becomes clear that the real reason they object to any suggestion that they're appeasers is that references to Hitler threaten to shed light on the fact that Dems are conducting business in much the same way the German dictator did in the Third Reich run-up to World War II: by undermining the democratic process.

Democrats' willingness to hobnob with terrorist leaders - including Barack Obama's continuing to capture the endorsements of terrorists and tyrants around the world - coupled with their commandeering of the legislative process in the recent gay marriage ruling and the high-jacking of the Colombia free-trade agreement should give Americans some idea of just how far that party wants to take us toward establishing a Democrat dictatorship in our own country.
A key player in this process is, of course, Democratic House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Her ill-advised meeting with Syria's terrorist-supporting head of state Bashar Assad was certainly an early clue to the new direction where Democrat sympathies are concerned. She was called on the carpet by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for misrepresenting his position - Ms. Pelosi declared Olmert "ready to negotiate" with Syria - and she, in the tradition of appeasers everywhere, declared that "the road to Damascus is a road to peace."

Pelosi continued her support of international terrorism, short-circuiting by fiat the fast-track legislative process so that a U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement, which seemed ready to pass, would not even come up for a vote. In doing this, she provided indirect aid to Venezuela's dictator Hugo Chavez for his support of FARC guerillas attempting to overthrow Colombia's democratic government and further the spread of communism in South America.

Then the California State Supreme Court stepped in and overturned the will of 61% of California's voters who had supported the ban on gay marriage in passing that state's Proposition 22. The magnitude of the Democratic usurpation of legislative power can be seen in the numbers: Of California's 38 million residents, about 180,000 live in same-sex couple households. That's five one-thousandths (about half of one percent) of the state's total population. And while more than 4.6 million voters expressed the majority opinion that same sex marriage is not to be sanctioned, it took only four judges to invalidate that expression of the people's will. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom expressed the Democratic attitude best when he crowed to California's majority that "same sex marriage is here to stay . . . whether you like it or not."

There's a reason anti-western terrorist leaders, including Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, top Hamas political advisor Ahmed Yousef, and, most recently, Cuba's Fidel Castro support Barack Obama's candidacy, and we need look no further than the relentless undermining of the democratic process at the hands of liberals that is underway in this country to understand why. We can only conclude that in Democrats these terrrorist supporters see kindred spirits in the ongoing process of the subversion of democracy.


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