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We're Experiencing a Democratic Coup

July 22, 2008

The New York Times, America's homegrown version of the Russian Communist newspaper Pravda, recently rejected John McCain's op ed submission because it doesn't conform to the newspaper's Leftist agenda regarding what needs to happen in Iraq. Apparently John McCain didn't get it right with the response to an earlier NYP (no, that's not a typo) Barack Obama piece because he (McCain) failed to delineate a timetable for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, choosing instead to support the "incorrect" notion that we need to withdraw according to conditions on the ground and not according to a set schedule.

It appears as though McCain is but the latest victim of the coup that's taking place in Congress and among the so-called "mainstream" media. The Republican presidential candidate could either rework his submission so that it conforms to the New York Times and the communist party's idea of what the U.S. strategy should be, or he can simply choose not to have the article appear in the Times. To his credit, he chose to publish it in the New York Post rather than capitulate to the adversary of free speech that the NYP has become.

Likewise, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, following the lead of then-President Bill Clinton, who issued an executive decree against drilling in ANWR, have determined that in order for the leftist takeover to be successful, the United States must remain non-competitive in the world oil market. We've got to continue to refrain from exploiting our oil resources, instead remaining beholden to nations, including Venezuela, Russia, and Iran, that demonstrably do not have our best interests at heart. While Democrats' obfuscatory argument is that we need to protect the environment and that to do so we need to pursue alternative sources of energy, their purpose is nothing less than the overthrow of the United States government as we know it so that they can replace it with a contemporary version of the failed Russian and Chinese communist dictatorships of the last century.

The recent behavior by the drooling pack of sycophants that the American media have become in their fawning pursuit of Barack Obama, the child who would be president, is but one more component of the coup. Media stories about Obama are being spat out the rate of nearly two to one over those about McCain, and with their 200-strong following of their darling as he leads them on a pilgrimage to his coronation in Germany, the press corps has officially become part of the coup. It's perfectly appropriate that, rather than his acceptance speech's being given at the Brandenburg Gate (German Chancellor Angela Merkel nixed that as "inappropriate," much to her credit), it will occur in front of a monument known as the Victory Column, which became an homage to tyranny when the Nazi architect Albert Speer moved it to its present location as part of his vision for the rebuilding of Berlin. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis viewed the monument with reverence, and in this light it perfectly symbolizes what's happening in the Democratic Party today.

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer (the guy who brought down Indymac Bank) and their cohorts are not on America's side. They do not want America to thrive; rather, they want to see our country brought to its knees, and any policy that can further that aim warrants their full support. It doesn't matter whether it involves negotiating with or otherwise supporting terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah and terrorist nations such as Iran, or promoting a misguided global warming agenda based on phony, trumped-up "science," or backing a government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac through legislation born of the rife corruption perpetrated by Congressional and business leaders such as Democratic Representative Barney Frank and Countrywide Financial CEO Angelo Mozillo, or the elimination of religion from our lives and its replacement with what Pope Benedict XVI has called the "dictatorship of relativism," if it weakens our military or our free market economy or our moral and spiritual fortitude, then Democrats are for it. And they're especially for it if it brings America one step closer to its ultimate demise.

What's happening in America right now is no longer an election, it's a coup d'état, and the degree to which we as free Americans let this happen through our not opposing Obama's candidacy and the candidacies of other Democrats who support the coup is the degree to which we guarantee that the hell that Democrats have in mind for us comes nearer to realization.

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