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Is McCain Finally Taking Off the Gloves?

October 7, 2008

John McCain finally seems to have realized that in Barack Obama he's battling the contemporary iteration of the very forces he so gallantly served to protect us from in the Vietnam War. Obama is little more than a willing puppet of vicious Marxist radicals whose agenda is little different from that of the regimes who backed the North Vietnamese communists in the 1960s. The main difference is that if Obama is elected, it won't be just American military personnel who are forced to endure incarceration at the hands of Communists: it will be the American people themselves.

The prison camps to which the Obama-Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid triumvirate subject us will be built, as they are in all totalitarian regimes, on three things: Alliances with (or at least the tacit support of) thug and terrorist regimes around the globe; the continued suppression of free speech; and the nationalization of financial institutions in order to reduce, in this case, American entrepreneurs and business people to recipients of the state's largesse through a federal-bailout-cum-taxation program that would make Josef Stalin cringe.

Regarding the first: Although Sarah Palin has finally spoken out, telling Obama to "stop palling around with terrorists," the message needs to be sent much more clearly and firmly. Melanie Phillips' Spectator article, "Subversives For Obama]," convincingly lays out the evidence that Obama's Harvard Law School education (records of which Obama refuses to release) was financed by one Khalid Al-Mansour, who Phillips describes as "a mentor to the Black Panther party and advisor to Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal." Al-Mansour's statements to the effect that America's associations with Israel were at the root of the 9-11 bombings led New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to give back the prince's $10 million donation to the rebuilding of Manhattan.

Phillips also provides additional details about Obama's intimate and ongoing relationship with Weatherman terrorist founder William Ayers, the unrepentant Marxist who carried out a bombing of the Pentagon in the 1960s. This is not to mention Obama's pastor of 20 years, the purveyor of a Black Liberation Theology of hatred for America who Obama finally was forced to denounce, although his denunciation, in addition to being founded on the lie that Obama "wasn't aware of what Wright was preaching," was tepid at best.

In addition to Obama's oft-retracted promise to negotiate without precondition with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il, Nancy Pelosi has grabbed a photo op with Bashar Assad, even as she conducted what many describe as illegal negotiations with that thug. And her short-circuiting of fast-track free-trade legislation between the U.S. and our anti-terrorist ally Colombia is nothing less than an attempt to improve the chances that Hugo Chavez will succeed in furthering Venezuela's attempted subjugation of South America. This is supported by yet another photo op, with Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba, a close friend of Chavez who actively supports FARC terrorists. Indeed, a Pelosi designee, U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern, was cited in captured FARC documents as a person who, along with Pelosi, "helps" FARC in its anti-democratic agenda. These are not the actions of someone who has the United States' best interests at heart, but of someone who seeks to fragment, with the ultimate aim of thwarting them entirely, the allegiances we are attempting to promote with our democratic allies in the ongoing fight against totalitarianism.

Where the second tactic is concerned, while assaults on free speech have been most insidious on America's college campuses - where the universities dramatically abrogate students' rights to speak freely unless what they have to say agrees with the prevailing neo-Marxist political philosophy - the Obama campaign's brownshirts have recently brought this tactic to the public arena in their attempts to suppress political expression. In Missouri, two St. Louis prosecutors, both Obama supporters, with the approval of Obama's Missouri campaign chair U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, have threatened to prosecute people who speak out against Barack Obama. And Chicago radio station WGN was bombarded with calls and threatening e-mails in attempts by Obama supporters to intimidate them and prevent them from broadcasting interviews with Obama critics David Fredosso and Stanley Kurtz.

Pelosi is leading a separate assault on freedom of speech in her ongoing attempts to pass "fairness" legislation that would require "equal time" on all broadcasting outlets for both the liberal and conservative points of view and in doing so effectively hamstring conservative talk radio, one of the few remaining segments of the media that are not blatantly leaning leftward today. A left-sympathizing Democratic Congress, in league with a Democratic President, would surely bring this country perilously closer to conditions that existed in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany in the first half of the previous century and whose echoes still ring today in many totalitarian regimes.

As to the economy, both Reid and Pelosi have been instrumental in helping to perpetuate a number of manufactured economic crises, the most recent of them having resulted in the infamous "bailout" legislation that in one fell swoop dwarfs the $600 billion or so we've spent (at the rate of about $100 billion annually) fighting terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. As we are all aware, the legislation commits $700 billion to "rescuing" financial agencies put in jeopardy in no small part because of policy measures initiated during the Clinton Administration and furthered through by U.S. Senators Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Clinton crony Franklin Raines, the former Fannie Mae CEO and now head of Obama's campaign finances. Raines personally walked away with upwards of $100 million after his stewardship of that organization led it, and helped lead the American housing industry, to the brink of financial ruin. And the fact that it's now been revealed that Barney Frank's homosexual lover, Herb Moses, was Fannie Mae's Assistant Director of Product Initiatives during the time he and Frank shared a bedroom, and Frank benefitted financially through his association with Fannie Mae adds to the odor of corruption surrounding these dealings. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

It's certainly plausible that, as James Simpson very clearly lays out in his American Thinker article, "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis," Democrats are employing a tactic of fomenting crises which has its roots in a strategy devised by two radical socialist Columbia University professors, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, and articulated in the May 2, 1966, issue of The Nation magazine. The strategy, inspired by radical leftist agitator and Obama intellectual mentor Saul Alinsky, lays out a methodology by which radicals can engineer crises in order to force the collapse of the existing democratic capitalist order and replace it with a socialist government.

Although it's impolitic to question Democrats' patriotism, it's nonetheless high time we do so, loudly and clearly. Barack Obama is not a patriot, nor are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They're stealth Marxists who use their so-called "patriotism" as a blind to lure us further into a bloodless coup that could, if we let it continue, become the basis for the transformation of America's institutions, from the courts to the banks to the federal legislature, into a de facto gulag archipelago, one which will take all of the courage we Americans can muster to, as John McCain did 40 years ago, survive and continue to wage war against our insidious Marxist enemies.

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