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Who Will Celebrate An Obama Victory?

October 20, 2008

Of course, we all remember the images of, especially, Muslim people celebrating in the streets in many countries around the world when the terrorist attacks on America occurred on September 11, 2001. And we remember the words of America's enemies both here in our country and abroad crowing that America was finally getting what it deserved. Well, those same people will be rejoicing again if Barack Obama is elected to the Presidency of the United States.

If we continue to allow ourselves to be led blindly down the path of the coup Obama's puppet-masters have mapped out for us, scoundrels of every stripe, from Barney Frank to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will lead their constituents' revelry that the forces allied against America have finally won the victory they've long been hoping for.

Indeed, there is the question of whether Obama is simply the ultimate "useful idiot" — as his denial and downplaying of his associations with William Ayers, Reverend Wright, and dozens of other terrorists and terrorist supporters with whom he's allied himself would seem to indicate — or (more likely) if he's merely lying through his teeth in order to maintain the illusion that he's not a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist.

To this point, the history of leftist subversives and their vision for "Soviet America" is a long one, beginning shortly after World War I with the clandestine meeting of the Communist Party of America held in Bridgman, Michigan, in mid-August, 1922. The agenda of the week-long meeting included the business of selecting officers of both the "legal" (or public) branch and the "illegal" (or covert) branch of the CPA.
It was explicitly stated in a written report that was among thousands of documents seized during a government raid on the Bridgman convention that the "Communist party in its revolutionary outlook does in no country feel itself bound by the existing laws." Thus the designation of "legal" and "illegal" branches of the party. The "illegal" branch was recognized to have ultimate decision-making power and was charged with directing the so-called "legal" branch, whose purpose was to give the party a public presence that appealed to many Americans while also serving as a blind for the party's true (read "illegal") agenda.

One of the Bridgman attendees, William Z. Foster, later wrote a book outlining his — and the Party's — vision. Because Foster's book, Toward Soviet America, laid out in such detail their goals for overthrowing the United States government, communists found it very disturbing. They correctly saw it as exposing what amounted to family secrets and quickly put into action a plan to buy and/or steal every copy of the book they could get their hands on in an effort to keep it from being widely read in America. The result was that, within a matter of a few years, the book had all but disappeared from America's libraries and bookstores. It was not until it was republished in 1961, after its copyright had been allowed to lapse, that it gained a wider readership, which recognized it for the subversive and dangerous document it was.

A similar thing has happened in the case of Barack Obama's political history. As their predecessors did with Toward Soviet America, the subversives who control Obama have "scrubbed" his history. In the spirit of the "illegal" branch of the Communist Party outlined in the documents associated with the Bridgman meeting, Obama's credentials have been revised or hidden and the import of his criminal and politically subversive associations minimized. Obama and his backers have managed to destroy or declare off limits almost every shred of evidence that might have connected Obama with the radicals and terrorists who define what his candidacy truly stands for, and the American press and electronic media have colluded with them.

In the person of Barack Obama and all that those who control him and set or influence his agenda, the vision of a communist takeover of the United States, first articulated early last century, is dangerously close to becoming a reality. The impending Democrat control of both houses of congress and the executive branch, coupled with the already-achieved leftist infiltration of the legal system, will mean that the communist movement, long operating beneath the political radar in the United States, will be able to go public.

And the first time many Americans will get an inkling of the implications of this takeover will be on the day after this November's election, when we see video footage of America-haters around the world celebrating the election of the first Marxist President of the United States.

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