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Political Writings 2008

Yon Nancy Hath a Lean and Hungry Look: The Coming Democratic Power Struggle
One of the real ironies of the Obama campaign is that left-leaning Democrats, who so relentlessly pursue an anti-Christian agenda, have insisted on comparing the President-elect to Jesus Christ. The worry is that once Obama takes office, his own Party is going to have to impeach him on the grounds that electing Our Savior to the Presidency violates the principle of separation of church and state.

Assessing Taxpayers' Anger Over Financial Bailouts
The mavens of Wall Street have managed to transform legitimate, funded debt, one of the foundations of capitalism, into little more than a Ponzi scheme, and now Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen is suggesting that in order to restart the economy, we need to make the option of increasing American consumers' debt load more "available" to them. These are the same consumers that Washington and Wall Street insiders like Paulsen have for years complained are overextended, don't save enough, and have unwisely mortgaged their assets to cover everyday expenses.

Will Obama's Response to the Auto Industry Crisis Be Hamstrung by His Party's Ideology?
Last Tuesday's election results represent an exercise in poetic justice in that Barack Obama is inheriting a set of problems largely of his own ideology's making. The kicker is that it's precisely the solutions likely to emerge based on that ideology which make it all too likely that the problems will remain intractable.

Who Will Celebrate An Obama Victory?
Of course, we all remember the images of, especially, Muslim people celebrating in the streets in many countries around the world when the terrorist attacks on America occurred on September 11, 2001. And we remember the words of America's enemies both here in our country and abroad crowing that America was finally getting what it deserved. Well, those same people will be rejoicing again if Barack Obama is elected to the Presidency of the United States.

Is McCain Finally Taking Off the Gloves?
John McCain finally seems to have realized that in Barack Obama he's battling the contemporary iteration of the very forces he so gallantly served to protect us from in the Vietnam War. Obama is little more than a willing puppet of vicious Marxist radicals whose agenda is little different from that of the regimes who backed the North Vietnamese communists in the 1960s. The main difference is that if Obama is elected, it won't be just American military personnel who are forced to endure incarceration at the hands of Communists: it will be the American people themselves.

It's Not Easy Being Green
Within milliseconds of the announcement of John McCain's base-energizing selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate, Democrats were playing the experience card in their hasty and ill-advised criticism of the political newcomer. Ignoring the fact that their own candidate has no presidential credentials whatsoever, they attacked Palin for being too "green."

He's Bla-a-ack!
While some analysts assert that his recent drop in the polls is because of Obama's "inexperience," the core reason for the decline is arguably the cultural baggage Obama has taken on in the process of advancing his political career.

We're Experiencing a Democratic Coup
What's happening in America right now is no longer an election, it's a coup d'état, and the degree to which we as free Americans let this happen through our not opposing Obama's candidacy and the candidacies of other Democrats who support the coup is the degree to which we guarantee that the hell that Democrats have in mind for us comes nearer to realization.

Holding Democrats' Feet to the Fire
Mary Anastasia O'Grady, in a July 7 Wall Street Journal Editorial Page article entitled, "FARC's 'Human Rights' Friends," makes a convincing case for what many have known for a long time: That so-called "humanitarian" groups around the world are more often than not blinds for terrorist supporters. Under the pretense of monitoring human rights violations, these groups all too often initiate actions that benefit terror groups and work to the disadvantage of, particularly, the United States.

Terrorist-in-Chief Barack Obama
We face the prospect of electing as President a man who has never spoken directly with General David Petraeus, the U.S. commander who turned around the War in Iraq that has enabled us to cripple Al Qaeda and pave the way for the emergence of an incipient pro-American democracy in that country.

Methinks the 'Fraidy Doth Protest Too Much
Democrats' willingness to hobnob with terrorist leaders - including Barack Obama's continuing to capture the endorsements of terrorists and tyrants around the world - coupled with their commandeering of the legislative process in the recent gay marriage ruling and the high-jacking of the Colombia free-trade agreement should give Americans some idea of just how far that party wants to take us toward establishing a Democrat dictatorship in our own country.

The Company He Keeps
What do terrorist bomber and University of Chicago professor William Ayers, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Nicaraguan Communist President Daniel Ortega, radical black activist Louis Farrakhan, and former President James Earl "Jummah" Carter have in common? They all represent a virulently anti-American, anti-democracy agenda, and they all support Barack Obama's candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.

It's a Wonderful Life . . . Environmentally Speaking
I was despondent to the point where I was thinking about ending it all because of the continuing terrible news about the environment and global warming. As I stood there on the bridge like James Stewart's character, George Bailey, in the classic movie "It's a Wonderful Life," an elderly gentleman came up to me. He introduced himself as Clarence and said he knew how I was feeling and that he'd be willing to show me how things would have been without the environmentalist movement.

Why Hillary Must Be the Democratic Candidate in 2008
One of the most fascinating, although predictable, phenomena of the current Democratic primary has been the insistence by the most left-leaning of the party's stalwarts that Hillary Clinton drop out of the presidential primary race and surrender the nomination to Barack Obama.

If You Build It They Won't Come
Following governor Janet Napolitano's signing legislation requiring a crackdown on employers who hire illegals, there seem to be as many illegals crossing the border back into Mexico as there are crossing from that country into the United States.

Obladee, Obama, Life Goes On
I, for one, am not distressed at the post-partisan depression I hope Obama's experiencing in the wake of this January surprise.

What the Democrata Aren't Talking About
One of the keys to discovering where successes are being achieved that are favorable to the interests of the United States and its citizens is to take a look at what Democrats are not talking about. These days that means, among other things, the War In Iraq and stem cell research.

The Physics of Hillary's Campaign
Lately, Hillary Clinton and her surrogates seem to be making news precisely because they're spewing out information that really has no business escaping the black hole at the center of her campaign.

Identifying the Real Terrorists
Attacks on our troops in Iraq are down by more than three quarters in just the past three months. I'm speaking of attacks by Democrats, of course. Indeed, so good is the news out of Iraq regarding the success of General Petraeus's troop surge that the terrorists are beginning to turn tail and run. Again, I'm speaking of the Democrats.


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