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Mutiny On the 'Bama

February 4, 2009

Only a few weeks out of port, the Good Ship Obama, which set sail under the flag of bipartisan cooperation, seems to be foundering as First Mate Nancy Pelosi goes against her Captain's stated intentions by ignoring the wishes of about 40 percent of the crew under her command. Pelosi and House Democrats have managed to write a massive, pork-laden economic stimulus bill without bothering to solicit input from even a single Republican Representative. Because Barack Obama let the bill get out of his control, he faces the political equivalent of mutiny by his own party.

Indeed, President Obama had better "hope" that Nancy Pelosi is willing to "change," because otherwise his timidity, born in no small part of his utter lack of executive experience, is going to cost him leadership of his own Party. Already the ever-gracious Harry Reid has declared, "I do not work for Barack Obama. I work with him." His tone of disdain is emphasized by the fact that he couldn't be bothered to use "President" when referring to the Commander-in-Chief. Perhaps if the President flashed his "chiseled pectorals" at Senator Reid in order induce a man-crush on the part of the Nevada Senator he might soften Reid's insubordination.

Our new President is swimming with sharks. Vice President Joe Biden (whose job description may now be limited to feeding flattering lines from romance novels to the mainstream media - they can't be making this all up, right?) predicted that when he promised that Mr. Obama would be challenged within the first six months of his first term. What Mr. Biden failed to do was to recognize where the challenge would come from. Because there's no doubt that the sharks circling the U.S.S. Obama look a lot like donkeys with sharp teeth and dorsal fins.

Obama's Democratic predators have loaded the stimulus bill with funding for abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, and America's home-grown terrorists (read "ACORN"), agencies that bully and extort in order, not to better the lives of those less "fortunate," but to topple the edifice of capitalism, which they see as the true enemy. Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and friends started the process, Pelosi and Reid apparently intend to finish it.

And they've loaded it with "green energy" subsidies that not only will do nothing to save a planet that most responsible scientists now say doesn't need saving, but will, as so many Democrat legislative initiatives such as ethanol requirements have done, add tens of millions of poor people to the ranks of the starving around the globe by taking their primary food source away from them so the rest of the world can drive automobiles that burn "clean" fuel. When these are added to the national security risks exacerbated by the drastic and unsound limitations on drilling Democrats have saddled the oil companies with, it's clear that the stimulus package is part of a larger, more nefarious plan on the part of the sharks.

Of course, the fact that Captain Obama has never piloted so much as a tugboat has a lot to do with the way things are shaping up for his administration. His press secretary is reduced to trying to shift the blame for the increasingly negative coverage his boss is receiving to Fox News, while the boss himself is dodging the press, claiming his visit to a primary school is more important than addressing the mounting revolt, not only by his own party but by the complicit liberal news media as well.

Welcome to the high seas, Mr. President, even as you bid farewell to the high times you've enjoyed to this point. There's stormy weather and 20-foot waves ahead, and the mutiny that's already underway will exacerbate your troubles if you do nothing to prevent it from spreading.

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