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The Real Reason We Should Be
Worried About Sonia Sotomayor

June 8, 2009

Like every piece of legislation and every presidential decree in the current inaccurately self-described "transparent" administration, Democrats want to push through the nomination of Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor before anyone charged with vetting her has had a chance to so much as read up on her extensive record as a federal judge. Ur-traitor Patrick Leahy made that clear in pushing for Senate hearings to take place before the August recess.

Never mind that Sotomayor's record of having had her decisions reversed on appeal more than 60 percent of the time bespeaks at best a sloppy and uninformed approach to the law. And never mind that she's an admitted racist whose racial and gender bias - which led her to deny 20 New Haven firefighters their rightfully earned promotions based on the color of their skin - seems to be her primary qualification for a Supreme Court judgeship in this most racist of administrations.

As worthy as reasons for disqualification as those are, there's one that is even more troubling, and that is that Sotomayor seems to have emerged directly out of one of the leftist "bibles" of the 1930s. I'm speaking of the book Toward Soviet America by communist labor leader William Z. Foster. In that book, which was initially suppressed by the left because it revealed in too much detail their plans for taking over this country, Foster puts forth a vision of the American judiciary whose implementation Sonia Sotomayor seems ideally suited to advance.

The legal system as he envisioned it was central to Foster's vision. It would "be free of the pest of lawyers." The purpose of the court system would be to come to "speedy" and "correct" decisions, decisions which reflected the fact that they were handed down by "class-courts, definitely warring against the class enemies of the toilers." The "enemies of the toilers" included, as Foster pointed out, those who did not perform "useful work," including "capitalists, landlords, clericals and other non-producers." Indeed, that sounds like a Sotomayor laundry list of people her "empathy" would preclude from receiving equal justice. In Foster's vision, as well as in the vision of America that Obama seems to be fast-tracking, these people would find themselves "disenfranchised," literally denied the rights of citizenship and prohibited from participating in the new American Soviet society.

Sotomayor certainly seems ideally suited to help rid the courts of "the pest of lawyers." The Almanac of the Federal Judiciary cites comments describing her as "a terror on the bench." The Supreme Court nominee "abuses lawyers, [s]he really lacks judicial temperament." And finally, "[s]he doesn't understand [lawyers'] role in the system - as adversaries who have to argue one side or the other. She will attack lawyers for making an argument she does not like."

In other words, she's the perfect choice for a judge in the American Soviet legal system, which exists in Obama's eyes as a tool for the imposition of the "politically correct" principles on the American people. Such a court system, like the one envisioned by Foster, would be at the service of its administrators' political agenda; it would, ultimately, eschew entirely any attempt at impartial justice.

Most thinking Americans understand that the quality of empathy, which Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor value much more highly than they do true judicial temperament or respect for the U.S. Constitution, is better applied to raising one's children and giving to charity than to judicial decisions. Unfortunately, the adjective "thinking" eliminates most Democrats from consideration here, given their predisposition to utter only what writer Raymond Chandler called "parrot talk." In the current environment, "empathy" is precisely what is needed from a judge in the continuing war against freedom, religion, and capitalism that the Obama administration, like the one William Z. Foster so chillingly described, seems intent on pursuing through the judicial strategy that is now playing out with the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.

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