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When Tax-and-Spend Becomes Confiscate-and-Squander

July 21, 2009

To call the current gang that has commandeered Washington D.C. tax-and-spend Democrats is to insult tax-and-spend Democrats everywhere. "If only," is a phrase I'm hearing more and more, as in "If only Tax-and-Spend were all we had to deal with." What the Obama adminstration is doing is much more accurately described as Confiscate-and-Squander.

In implementing their fiscally irresponsible policies, Democrats have now also become the Send-a-Boy-Out-To-Do-a-Man's-Work party, and the Undermine-the-CIA party, along with its corollary, the Cripple-Our-National-Defense Party.

To this point: We're in a difficult situation now that it's becoming clear that President Obama is in fact not very intelligent at all and has only a passing acquaintance with history. Indeed, the distortions that Marxist educators perpetrate — and which informed Obama's education — when they teach their version of "history" to their spellbound charges at American colleges and universities have far-reaching negative consequences when one of their Affirmative-Action intellectual cripples like Barack Obama reaches the Presidency. Obama not only doesn't know anything about what happened before he was born (except that the consequences of such events are not his fault), he's really fuzzy on what's happened during his lifetime.

His weak-kneed repeating of the initially bungled whiny "reset" overture to Russian apparatchik Vladimir Putin indicates supports the fact that our President is very hazy on pretty much everything that's happened in the world since he came of age. He doesn't comprehend — as his comments in a speech he made on his recent visit to Russia that that country's collapse was due to "the actions of many nations over many years" indicate — that it was American military might (which put the Russians in an arms race that threatened to bankrupt the country) and President Ronald Reagan's don't-back-down policies and statements that ended the Cold War.

His ignorance is producing profoundly negative results in our foreign policy, to wit: Now the Obama administration seems destined to undermine our position in the world even further; among other things, it's been backed into the corner of having to cripple, if not destroy, the CIA, this so the Speaker of the House, with a temperament equivalent to that of a high school sophomore and the intellectual acumen to match, won't have to step down from her position as Queen of the Prom Court, to which she's managed to reduce her position as House Majority Leader. The administration's conducting of at least three "investigations" into past activities at the CIA, coupled with Pelosi's reckless and deceitful charges, has effectively tied the hands of its agents and caused morale to plunge.

And to return more directly to the Confiscate-and-Squander paradigm that's being crafted in Washington: Barney Frank once again seems hell-bent on creating a repeat of the Fannie-Freddy disaster to which he contributed so heavily in the late 1990s. Frank is vowing to again force those agencies to write sub-prime loans, pretty much guaranteeing a delay in the housing market recovery, as well as in our pulling ourselves out of the current recession. I guess it's OK this time, though, because he's no longer sleeping with one of the Fannie Mae executives.
The good news is that the American people seem to be catching on to the utter economic and social devastation the Democrats' policies promise to cause.

Obama's popularity is plunging precipitously, as is support for more untenable spending by the current congress. Both the OMB and the CBO have issued projections of drastic revenue shortfalls, and those who are taking the time to read the current bills are revealing the virtual disappearance of health care options for seniors, not to mention the collapse of private insurance, that they contain.
Even more importantly, with those projections beginning to be comprehended by the American people, the President's rush to pass yet another unread and undebated trillion-dollar plus legislative initiative is meeting with stiff resistance, much of it coming from members of his own party, especially those who were elected from majority conservative districts in the backlash against Bush. They realize they can't go back to their constituents and defend this recklessly irresponsible piece of legislation, not if they hope to keep their seats in the 2010 elections.

One can only hope that, with the President's agenda coming to be seen for what it is — nothing less than the attempt to engineer a massive political coup that will turn the United States into a nightmare state in which the central government confiscates its citizens' money and redirects it to political cronies — Americans will turn out in droves in the upcoming mid-term elections and oust the people who have made such progress toward wrecking our economy and subjugating us to their political will, fulfilling playwright William Shakespeare's wonderful prophecy: "Things ill-got have ever bad success."

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