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Operation Odyssey Dawn Named After Stripper?

"Odyssey Dawn?" That's what they're calling the operation against Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi (or however the hell you spell his name)? That's no name for a tactical strike conducted in war. It's something you might see on the marquee of a strip club: Tonight — Odyssey Dawn!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton probably came up with the name. After all, this is the first feminist-sponsored U.S. military action ever. Hillary, U. S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, and hippie-chick presidential aide Samantha Power — who once called Hillary "a monster" — finally convinced our president we ought to take out Gadhafi after Obama himself had waffled for four weeks. Finally, like a hen-pecked husband who has finally had enough nagging from a shrewish wife, the pres gave in.

Air strikes are as far as we would go, though, he said, stomping his foot emphatically to emphasize the fact that this time he really, and I mean really, means what he's saying.

Then he gave control over to Hillary and Joe Biden as he, his family, and a handful of American business tycoons jetted down to Rio to live out their version of an Elvis Presley movie.

The can-we-wear-our-big-boy-pants-today-mom? mentality that pervades this administration held sway until a few days ago. Robert Gates had explained that it would take weeks and weeks and bust the military budget in the bargain to set up a no-fly zone in Libya. Then France sent four jet fighters into the air and shut Khadafy's "air force" down in about three hours.

Hillary Clinton finally said, "Look, Barack, if France can do it, the U.S. can do it. What are you waiting for?"

We didn't send our jets into the air early on. The U.S., in the tradition of Bill Clinton, lobbed SCUD missiles — sorry, that should be Cruise missiles — into Libya, killing about as many civilians in four hours as al-Ghaddafiye had in four weeks.

What's the end game here? Get rid of the current Libyan dictator so the Muslim Brotherhood can step in and put a government in place that will make Quadtefi look like a Disney princess? If you don't think that's what's happening in Egypt, you're painfully naive, just like the administration professes to be.

I say "professes to be" for a reason: The real question is, "Which side is the U.S. on?" We likely won't know the answer to that one until it's too late. Dealing with el-Qkadhifaye will be a day at the beach compared with what we face as the Muslim Brotherhood, buoyed by naïve or unintentionally ill-informed U.S. complicity, takes control of the Middle East.

Don't say Jimmy Carter didn't warn us.


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