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Forget Sexting, Obama's Guilty of 'Nexting'

"They try to make me go to rehab, I say 'No, no, no.'"
- Amy Winehouse, "Rehab"

In a rare moment of clarity, President Obama said this about the need for Anthony Weiner to resign in the wake of the New York Democratic Congressman's sexting scandal: "When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can't serve as effectively as you need to, at the time when people are worrying about jobs, and their mortgages, and paying the bills - then you should probably step back.''

The problem is, Obama is following the same path as Weiner has followed. The difference is that the distractions to which the president has fallen prey are more serious than those Weiner is guilty of, and the lies he's told trying to avoid facing responsibility for pursuing those distractions are much more damning and destructive than those Weiner is accused of.

Where Weiner is guilty of sexting, Obama is guilty of nexting.

Nexting is focusing on future issues in order to divert attention from the much more pressing present problems you've failed miserably to address.

If only Obama would take his own advice, resign, and check into nexter rehab.

Obama's nexting strategy includes - among many other things - campaigning for the 2012 presidential election instead of addressing the current employment and economic concerns, and insisting on the need to radically alter U.S. energy policy so that 30 years from now Los Angeles and New York don't wind up under water due to the non-existent threat of global warming, recently revised to "climate change."

Democrats have always seemed to be unable to focus on solving problems at hand. In fact, their lack of such a focus is strategically necessary for the success of their attempts to transform America into a socialist state.

For Democrats, telling the truth about their intentions wouldn't endear them to the American people. If Nancy Pelosi had said, for instance, "We're going to commandeer energy policy in order to highjack the American economy and make the American people our subjects in the process," she wouldn't get very far.

On the other hand, fabricating lies about global warming, then insisting that the only way to combat something that's not due even to become a slight problem for three or four decades is to reduce our collective carbon footprint to levels not seen since the Stone Age has worked pretty well for them.

When Democrats who controlled both houses of Congress wouldn't support the president's economy-killing strategy by passing Cap and Trade legislation, Obama appointed radical environmentalist Lisa Jackson as head of the EPA to circumvent the legislative process and implement his nexting energy agenda by fiat.

Nexting also manifests itself in the president's concentrating on the 2012 presidential campaign in order to keep his job and continue his and Democrats' addiction to the practice. He's morphed into presidential candidate Obama, virtually ignoring his duties as president while he travels the country promoting his agenda.

This has led Obama to go to unprecedented lengths in order to maintain the facade that green energy is somehow a viable alternative. In fact, nexting about future energy problems to keep America focused on the president's own distractions and avoid scrutiny of his real agenda failures might be the only hope Obama has of getting re-elected.

Nexting is no less an addictive behavior than sexting is, and by relying on nexting to further their subversive agenda, Democrats have not only legitimized addictive behavior, they've effectively institutionalized it.

But where Anthony Weiner's sexting has had the comically unexpected consequence of spurring a company to market an Anthony Weiner action figure, Obama's nexting has far more profound and troubling consequences: the continuing decline of America as a military and economic power in the world.

Nor do I expect Obama and Pelosi and Harry Reid to follow Weiner's lead and enter nexter rehab in the near future.

While Weiner is accused of further debasing the already-debased - not to say non-existent - moral standards of the Democratic Party, Obama is guilty of debasing the very foundations of our country's greatness.

In the final analysis, there's no rehab program for that.


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