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The Death of Fake News & Barack Obama's Legacy

January 4, 2017

While it has become obvious that there are many non-events reported as if they actually occurred, the newly minted term "fake news" now extends well beyond mere mis-reporting and selective editing. It's metastasized into a cancer that has made it impossible for most news media to report anything but fake news.

Fake news has been legitimized in no small part by the fact that, like most top-heavy leftist governments, the Obama presidency has based most of its policies and pronouncements on untruths.

The current government's practice of developing its agenda based on untruths has so effectively provided a model for how the news media can do their job that there is very little that can possibly be called "real news."

Based on the fake news that the Russians were responsible for the theft of information from Democrat Party emails, Obama ordered 35 Russian diplomats and their families and associates to leave the US as punishment.

Obama didn't have the intestinal fortitude to confront Putin when the incident allegedly happened, so he waited until the last days of his presidency in order to dodge dealing directly with the Russian president.

The press has run rampant with speculation about what happened and what the consequences of Obama's actions might be, but even in the CIA/FBI Joint Analysis Report (JAR), support of the idea that Russia was behind rigging the presidential election was no more than a mishmash of assertions. One analyst reviewing the report described it as based only on "weak bits and pieces" of supporting information, while another dismissed it as "foolish and baseless."

Once again, our most important governmental security agencies allowed themselves to be manipulated for political reasons.

Putin and Trump seemed to be winking back and forth at each other about a powerless US president as Russia refrained from reprisal against American diplomats while inviting their children to a New Year's Eve Party at the Kremlin.

With the Obama administration, however, it's not as simple as ignoring facts. Obama's political ideology is also the foundation for many of its political moves.

It can be argued that our country's refusal to veto United Nations Resolution 2234 was based overwhelmingly on Obama's ideologically-based loathing of Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Because the resolution effectively becomes part of what is misnamed "international law," it may pose serious consequences for Israel. It effectively limits Israel's power to decide which "territories" it may choose to occupy, as UN Resolution 242, approved in 1947, enabled it to, and it exposes Israel to the greater likelihood of economic boycotts by other nations.

It's clear that Obama relishes the thought that he's making both Netanyahu's and Trump's jobs much more difficult. But it is quite possible that Obama's revenge will be short-lived.

Senators from Chuck Schumer to Paul Ryan to Ted Cruz to Lindsey Graham vowed, in Ryan's words, to "reverse the damage done." Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz called for Donald Trump to "threaten to defund the UN" and to "officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capitol."

What most are refusing to include in their predictions about the consequences of resolution 2234 is the fate of the United Nations itself after January 20th. Fake international law created by the UN may be included in the fake news death watch.

Newspapers and television are rapidly becoming obsolete largely because they're incapable of producing anything but fake news. No politician in his right mind would even consider holding a press conference these days.

The American people demonstrated their mistrust of the media by attending the very Trump rallies the media scurried to cover primarily because they couldn't resist the ratings spikes Trump generated.

Trump in person was the news to the tens of thousands of voters who attended each of his rallies. Trump on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram was the news to another 45 million Americans. Numerous other legitimate online news sites and blogs were the news.

In other words, news as we have known it, along with Barack Obama's legacy, is dead.


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