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Obama's Muslim Malfeasance

July 9, 2013

A political cartoon carried by shows Barack Obama and ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi with their arms about each other's shoulders in a gesture of support and friendship. The cartoon is titled "The Difference," and the accompanying text explains "One is a power hungry despot of a crumbling nation, the other was the president of Egypt."

The similarities between Egypt and the United States are indeed disturbing. Where before his ouster former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi pushed through a new constitution which instituted a regime of Islamist tyranny in his country, Barack Obama has done a de facto rewrite of the U.S. Constitution, effectively making America a country under assault by a tyrant who has transformed the rule of law into rule by fiat.

Among Obama's recent Constitution-flouting acts is his diktat, announced by assistant secretary for tax policy Mark Mazur in an IRS blog post just before the July 4 holiday weekend, that contrary to the language of the Affordable Care Act, Obama had selectively decreed that corporations with more than 50 employees were granted a year's reprieve from having to pay fines if they don't provide medical insurance for their employees. Individuals were not exempted from the "Roberts tax."

A Cato Institute health policy specialist declared that the president's administration had "violated their own health care law so many times you can assume whatever they're doing is illegal." California Republican Congressman Darrell Issa also questioned the move's legality, saying that it "is unclear that [President Obama] has the authority to do this without Congress."

Beyond this, from his illegal "recess" NLRB appointments, made while Congress was still in session, to his sidestepping of the legislative process in declaring amnesty from deportation for some 800,000 illegal aliens under the age of 30, Obama, like his fellow subversives, has shown his disdain for the rule of law again and again.

But even more disturbing than Obama's flouting the rule of law is the fact that more Americans - especially relatively conservative politicians and pundits - haven't had either the insight or the courage to explain to the public that Barack Obama is, and has been throughout his presidency, an Islamist sympathizer.

In 2009, Obama had an opportunity similar to that evolving in Egypt to support the rise of democracy in the Middle East when the Iranian people called on the president for support as they tried to revolt against the "clerical dictatorship" of Iran. Obama demurred, failing again and again to offer support for the revolutionaries while he attempted to engage the fascist Islamist dictatorship, simpering as he called it "The Islamic Republic of Iran."

A White House statement on events in Egypt was released as the president vacillated and John Kerry retreated to the shelter of his $7 million yacht while the ouster of Morsi was proceeding. It contained the very kind of "neutrality" that the president, in his unimaginably ignorant and ineffective implementation of a foreign non-policy, has used to alienate both Islamists and those wanting a democratic government: "The president condemned the ongoing violence across Egypt and expressed concern over the continued political polarization. He reiterated that the United States is not aligned with, and does not support, any particular Egyptian political party or group."

The reason the president is "hesitant" to come out in support of what is clearly a movement toward democratic rule in Egypt is that he, Morsi, and the Muslim Brotherhood are on the same side. They're fighting for the same thing: burying democracy under the rule of tyrants, the more Islamist the tyrant the better.

The issue of continuing to provide foreign aid to Egypt as the violence escalates has come to rest on Section 508 of the Foreign Assistance Act, which says "none of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available pursuant to this Act shall be obligated or expended to finance directly any assistance to any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by a military coup or decree."

Cries of "It's a revolution, not a coup," seem to be falling on deaf ears as Obama's Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, has made clear which side the U.S. supports: "The fact is they [the Muslim Brotherhood] ran in a legitimate election and won."

Of course, Democratic politicians, being on the whole pro-Islamist, are in favor for the first time in my memory of actually following a law as it is written. Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy had this to say: "Our law is clear: U.S. aid is cut off when a democratically elected government is deposed by military coup or decree."

On the other hand, in a Fox News interview on July 4, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton talked about how "[t]he administration just appears to be taking a pass," despite the critical importance of the largest Arab nation in the Middle East. In answer to a question about whether the U.S. can continue to provide foreign aid to Egypt if the situation there is deemed to be a coup, Bolton was very clear:

I would keep the aid flowing, particularly to the military where we have the most leverage. . . . All of this talk about why the administration can't call it a coup . . . really conceals the fact that in virtually all of our foreign assistance legislation there is a presidential waiver power. Even if it looks like there's a prohibition, in almost every case the president can waive the prohibition under the law to continue to provide assistance. I just think it's another example of not wanting to face up to the reality on the ground.

In fact, the president explained in a speech in February, 2011, as the ouster of Hosni Mubarak was getting underway that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't "have majority support in Egypt." And although he also voiced confidence that "representative and responsive government" would emerge in Egypt after Mubarak was overthrown, his words represented nothing more than another of Obama's disingenuous attempts to avoid uttering anything resembling a position against Islamist extremism.

Obama has consistently failed to voice even so much as mild concern for the fate of Coptic Christians, who have been attacked and murdered repeatedly under Morsi's rule. And as the radical Islamist group Ansar-al-Sharia declares that it is beginning to train troops to fight in the rapidly escalating Egyptian conflict, we don't even hear so much as a word of caution from the White House.

In fact, the president is very much like a teenage girl, looking up to and admiring an Islamist despot the way many teenagers have expressed their admiration for jailed former NFL star Aaron Hernandez who stands accused of first-degree murder. One lovestruck coquette tweeted, "Aaron Hernandez is fine . . . I'll bail you out boo boo."

By his unwillingness to denounce Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama is managing to do the same thing with regard to radical Islamist rule. His actions are nothing less than an abdication of what most Americans see as the president's duty to support those fighting against tyranny whenever and wherever their struggle is waged.


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