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The True Source Of American Racism

July 17, 2013

In the wake of the racial firestorm following George Zimmerman's acquittal on charges of murdering black teenager Trayvon Martin, it's necessary to take a closer look at the left's perpetuation over the past 50 years of the use of the issue of race in order to divide America on racial and ethnic grounds.

Comedian Steve Byrne, who is half Irish and half Korean, explains the confusion about racial identity this way in his Comedy Channel special, "The Byrne Identity":

Barack Obama, half black, half white, you can be a black president. Tiger Woods, half black, half Asian, you can be a black golfer. Steve Byrne, gook. I have been called Gook, Chink, Pan-Face, Slope, Short-Round, Data, I-killed-your-dad-in-Vietnam. I've heard all those things, OK? My last name is Byrne, I've never been called Irish in my life. ...When you're mixed, we gotta call you something. What do we call you? Here's what we call you: Whatever dilutes the water, whatever messes up Whitey, that's what you are.

Here's a paragraph from an article on CNN's website about Eric Holder's racist outburst when he called America a "nation of cowards" for being "unwilling" to address the issue of race in this country:

"In his first major speech since being confirmed, the nation's first black attorney general told an overflow crowd celebrating Black History Month at the Justice Department the nation remains 'voluntarily socially segregated.'"

Two things are important here: First, the use of the term "black" -- Holder is the "first black attorney general" speaking at a "Black History Month" event -- and second the fact that liberals still use the word to describe American citizens. What Holder won't admit is that racial division in America is not "voluntary" but that it was caused by and is overwhelmingly perpetuated by Holder's own leftist Democrat Party.

The liberal left has consistently developed anti-black policies during the past 60 years, cynically isolating blacks and manipulating them for their own political ends. One of the signature projects of liberals in the 1960s involved making sure blacks couldn't escape the ghettoes they lived in. Then-president Lyndon Johnson called it "The Great Society." Lawmakers allocated billions of taxpayer dollars to build ghetto housing in inner city black neighborhoods. It was called Urban Renewal, and it represented a ratcheting-up of the practice of liberals isolating blacks so they could manipulate them as a group in order to advance their political agenda.

Once they had isolated blacks on the inner-city equivalent of reservations, libs decided to give them welfare so they wouldn't have any incentive to get jobs or start their own businesses like people who aren't taking handouts do. But welfare wasn't created simply in order to put a halt to black Americans' chances of becoming an integral part of American society, it became a tool left-liberals used to try to bring down the signature accomplishment of white America: capitalism.

Two Columbia University leftist academics, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, created the idea of causing a crisis and then exploiting it to bring down "the system." The Cloward-Piven strategy was the basis for a group called the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) to cynically use a race-defined group -- blacks -- as pawns in a game designed to destroy capitalism in America.

The group's plan was to sign up as many of the blacks they'd confined to inner-city ghettoes as possible so they could receive welfare. They did this in order to overwhelm America financially. It didn't bring the economy down, but it did triple the number of blacks receiving welfare benefits. Cloward-Piven was abandoned when it didn't destroy white America economically, but not until it finished the job of hampering black America's chances to rise out of poverty.

Only a leftist could imagine such a destructive, race-based plan.

It amounted to a new form of slavery, one which saw blacks -- who had recently been formally isolated in newly-built government approved ghettoes -- paid not to work. Welfare became a system designed to compensate blacks for failing, for not participating in our uniquely robust and opportunity-laden economy by finding jobs and starting businesses.

The reason for the emphasis on the racist nature of the left's policies and legislation is that it is overwhelmingly a race-based vision of America that they have championed. By seeing people not as individuals but as members of minority groups that can be used in the aggregate to further their political ends, the left has denied those groups' humanity and their chances to better their lives.

Liberals weren't satisfied to segregate blacks in the ghettoes. Their separate but equal policy now extends to our colleges and universities. Once blacks began to arrive on campus in larger numbers, they were again quickly encouraged to segregate themselves, when they weren't virtually forced into race-based housing. At many universities, blacks are offered the option of living in all-black dormitories or on all-black floors within dormitories. Even where colleges don't offer segregated housing, students often self-segregate. It became so serious at the University of Massachusetts that the school has been trying to end the practice:

"The self-segregation has become so entrenched that one residential area on campus preferred by Asian students is known as "Chinatown." A residential cluster where many black students choose to live is commonly referred to on campus as 'The Projects.' The university will now end its practice of setting aside certain floors of dormitories for particular racial or ethnic groups. The university will also take steps to ensure that incoming freshmen are dispersed throughout the campus without regard to race. The university said that it plans to discourage students from self-segregating with the rooming choices, but it is unclear at this time how this will be accomplished."

Don't be fooled by the term "self-segregation." It's racist university policies on campuses across the US that have caused this situation. University coursework is overloaded with politically skewed classes weighted heavily toward such soft disciplines as Black Studies, Women's Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Studies which can be molded to comply with their professors' leftist political biases.

Stanford University is one of many schools that now hold separate blacks-only graduation ceremonies. You can log on to and access the black graduation website for more details.

It's an ongoing outcome of the institutional ghettoization of blacks in American society by the left, and it's meant that we've allowed the race-based legislative initiatives of liberals to shape a nation in which blacks are still effectively segregated from whites and effectively denied access to many mainstream American opportunities. To this point: the University of Minnesota is sponsoring a "racial justice" ad campaign against "white privilege. One group on the Duluth campus says it's "unfair" to be white.

We've come to accept the fact that liberal racism should be allowed to define whether or not we have a truly integrated society. The left has institutionalized racism and culturism. They've imposed it on blacks since the middle of the last century, and it has effectively divided the nation into separate societies and denied many minorities the economic opportunities that would have enabled them to truly become part of our country.


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