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The RNC's Anti-Trump Agenda Survey

The title of a recent Republican National Committee's recent questionnaire sent by snail mail to Republican Party members is the "Trump Agenda Survey."

Is the RNC aware that with that title they're making it clear that they are completely divorced from and non-supportive of the agenda of President Donald Trump?

Put another way, they're looking to discover if anything that Trump wants to include in his agenda can in any way be supported by the Republican National Committee without damaging its utterly corrupt, bought-and-paid-for agenda.

The RNC Survey Questionnaire lists nine items which we recipients are asked to rank according to how important each Trump agenda item is to us. Among the survey items are "Build a border wall and stop illegal immigration," "Reverse President Obama's unconstitutional executive orders," and "Repeal and replace Obamacare."

The questionnaire was prepared by people who are even stupider than the RNC thinks its Republican members are, given the fact that they campaigned on these very Trumpian principles, only to reveal through their inaction and ineptitude that they have done nothing but lie in order to protect their puppetmasters.

In other words, the RNC has already demonstrated that its Congressional and Senate leaders have neither the intention nor the intestinal fortitude to support a single one of the agenda items that Trump himself advocates.

One key issue is the fact that among the registered Republicans who receive this survey, many might take it at face value. They might actually think that the RNC is changing its political approach, and they might fill it out, in doing so reveal to their corrupt national committee the real values that they espouse.

And when the RNC does get answers to your survey, they'll of course misinterpret the results; even if recipients took them seriously, the purpose of the questionnaire is not to form the foundation of the RNC political agenda.

The only real purpose this survey could possibly serve is to discover how many Republicans actually support the Trump agenda and which key issues the RNC needs to create opposition to over the next three years in order to subvert the Trump presidency.

Another issue with the survey is that the RNC members who put this fiasco questionnaire together failed to include their own agenda items in the survey. Several of the true Republican agenda items the RNC failed to include are these:

o Make sure that Obamacare is maintained and becomes single source healthcare insurance

o Fail to approve funding in order to make sure that no wall is ever built along our Mexican border

o Insure that Trump's tax/economic agenda is derailed so that the mega-donors who control everything that Republican Congressmen and Senators believe in and vote for are not angry with them, in which case the donors would pull the payoff money Republican Party members receive for doing their bidding

o Make sure that Republicans do nothing to present recommendations that might actually give the now-decertified Iran deal some teeth

Because there are no choices in the survey which represent the true Republican agenda listed above, there are no numerics based on which we can compare the RNC's agenda with that of the President.

This survey is literally nothing more than a sap to true anti-globalist nationalists, put together in order to make it appear as if the Republican Party wants to hear from us. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Trump supporters are nothing more than the Republican Party's version of "deplorables."

For some reason, it appears as though the RNC didn't consult Steve Bannon or Sebastian Gorka when they put together this survey. If they wanted to know the real Trump agenda, all they had to do was watch TV interviews Bannon and Gorka do and presentations they make to such venues as the Values Voter Summit.

Is the RNC planning to hold a Lack of Values Voter Summit before the 2018 election? This might make sure everyone knows where they really stand on the key agenda items that need to be accomplished so that the country doesn't go even further in the direction the Trump agenda pulls us.

If the RNC does hold that conference, they'll be doing more for the country than anything remotely close to this disingenuous survey they've sent out. Nor would I be surprised if they get a few more responses like the one I'm sending them in response to their survey.


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