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The World, the Flesh, and the Donald

October 24, 2016

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more perverse, Democrats are finding that voters can see through their "moral equivalency" tactics, so they've raised the bar: Dems are now basing their political strategy on "criminal equivalency."

There's no difference between legal activity and illegal activity in Democrats' collective mind.

We're all familiar with how Democrats use moral equivalency in their attempts to destroy Trump by paying women to lie about his allegedly groping and propositioning them.

On the day after porn star Jessica Drake opened a new website selling sex paraphernalia, she went public with her accusation that Donald Trump had made inappropriate advances to her.

Couple of questions: First, what constitutes "inappropriate advances" to a porn actress?

Second: Why would Donald Trump offer a woman $10,000 to give him a sexually transmitted disease?

The fact that lying is the moral equivalent of telling the truth for Democrats means that pretty much any assertion is legitimate in a political campaign.

They're also counting on the fact that, unlike Clinton supporters, Trump voters actually incorporate moral principles into their political philosophy.

Perverse doesn't begin to characterize the fact that in bringing forward a porn star to speak, Democrats excoriate Donald Trump by accusing him of engaging in the same activities Bill Clinton made acceptable to his Democrat supporters.

But although the flesh is never far from rearing its head during the current campaign, criminal equivalency is where the world overtakes the flesh.

The only way Democrats can win is if they and their media confederates lie criminally in order to convince the American people that Trump has no chance of winning so that his supporters will decide to stay home rather than go out to vote.

In order to make that happen, Democrats have developed ways to juice political polling to such a degree that there's not the remotest chance the polls are accurate.

Early in the campaign, John Podesta - arguably the most crooked political operative in America - recommended that the Democratic Party over-sample voters in every region and district in America in order to rig the results. He even included a document explaining precisely how to accomplish skewing the polls for each of the key areas in the 2016 campaign.

It's no coincidence that the latest ABC News poll over-samples Democrats by nine percent, making it appear in the final "results" as if 12 percent of "voters" favor Clinton over Trump.

When voters do cast their ballots, the voting machines they use in many states will be under the control of George Soros, one of America's most corrupt and powerful enemies.

At the same time, Trump rallies in Ohio, Florida, and Alabama have each recently attracted upwards of 30,000 supporters, the very people who are under-sampled in Podesta-rigged polling.

Given that large numbers of Democrats are also re-registering as Republicans so they can vote for Trump, it's not out of the question that over-sampling Republicans would make the polls more accurate.

The ideology with which liberals have been indoctrinated in America's classrooms and by the leftist media means that their IQs are lower by about 20 points than the IQs they were born with. In other words, one of the bonuses for leftist politicians is that their indoctrinees are literally incapable of distinguishing right from wrong.

Unfortunately, so are many Republicans.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that the battle Trump is waging is no longer confined to American politics.

The political and ideological equivalent of World War III is being fought in this campaign as Trump and the American people engage in an existential battle against forces aligned to destroy our constitutional republic. It's become a global battle because politicians like Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan are no more than puppets who do the work of their globalist handlers, including John Podesta and George Soros.

The reason Trump has borne the brunt of criticism from so many Republicans who we might have thought would eventually stand with him is quite simple: He is the only non-globalist presidential candidate in decades.

Even Fox News has been overwhelmed by the media surge against Trump, and its show hosts are reduced to parroting the mainstream narrative that focuses on Trump's "reprehensible" moral choices and on the fact that Trump still comments in his public appearances and his tweets on the way the media are attacking him personally.

They're blinded by the blight, and they simply can't see the details even a few inches below the opaque surface the media have created in order to hide what is really happening.
The weight of the world is on Donald Trump's shoulders.

Because he is truly the candidate of the people, and because the people are still turning out in unprecedented numbers at Trump rallies, it is not out of the question that Trump will win this election handily.

It's the unacknowledged millions of individual Americans supporting Trump who will make that happen.

The Donald is in the details.

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