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Why can't I sort my shopping items the way I’m used to?

In mid-December 2022, Coles went live with a look-site to make the shopping experience faster and easier for all our customers. There are a few features that are still to come but will be available by late January 2023.

The key changes we've made to our site include improving the navigation, making slot selection clearer, and checkout easier and quicker to get through.

Coming soon

There are 3 features we've not yet brought across to our site, but will be reinstated in January. These are:

  1. Sorting by unit price – for now, you can view Specials and product listings by price low–to–high and high–to–low but not by unit price
  2. Sorting, filtering and searching your Bought before
  3. Paying with Flypay

We do apologise if these missing features cause any concerns for the next few weeks. Rest assured we're doing all we can to bring these back better than ever.

Learn more about the changes and improvements made across our updated site .

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